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www.Vixine.com Online comic by Federico Panella - ADULT SITE!
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Animetorrents/ Anime download group
http://it.groups.yahoo.com/group/italiafurryart/ Italian furry art group

e-mail: federico@xenographia.com

+ Vixine Illustrations +
Serpentess NEW Elemental goddess NEW Vixine.com cover showing Quest for Fun characters - Vixine.com halloween cover,
Vixine done for the 2002 Calendar Vixine - vectorial illustration (flash) Asheer - vectorial illustration (flash)- NUDITY Vixine - Easter Cover - NUDITY

+ Random Color Illustrations +
Robobabe - NUDITY
Egyptian girl - available as wallpaper here
Isis - Furcadia character
Girl & knife - NUDITY
Warrior Elf - NUDITY
Elven Girl - NUDITY
Use the condom!!!
Sexy Piratess - NUDITY
Minty - Paws For Thought character Entei armored furre, by a concept of Martin.        

+ Fast Pictures - +
Elf with sword
Hard Boiled
Babe with gun
Girls - pen sketch
Lulu FFX - markers sketch
Werewolf girl, pen sketch Raygun Girl - pen sketch    

+ Coloured cardobard & pencils - sketches +
Aki Ross
Elf girl - NUDITY
Elf girl - NUDITY
Elf girl with knife - NUDITY
Elf girl - NUDITY Raygun girl - NUDITY        

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