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-Welcome to Serena's Gallery!
Serena - Furry Art Gallery
Hello, I am 31, I work as webmaster, I like to draw, read manga and comics and tons of books!
I like: people, chatting, sushi, hot chili noodles, Marvel comics, swimming, videogames.
I dislike: spiritual werewolves, antisocial people online.
Favourite music: Ska, punk rock... Faith no More, Mr. Bungle (yeas, I'm a Patton freak) soundtracks.
Favourite artists: Jack Kirby, George Perez, Neal Adams, Adam Huges, Leone Frollo, John Buscema, many south american comic artists and japanese mangakas
Favourite books: All by Terry Pratchett, Harry Potter's, Dune, Tolkien, Dragonlance books, Stefano Benni.
Favourite movies: recently i liked Dogma a lot. Animated movies... Naked Gun series, Mel Brooks stuff, Life of Brian
Thanks to: my mother, Federico, all my friends

Websites, galleries, favourite mailing lists/groups:

www.Art-Serena.com Personal website
http://us.vclart.net/vcl/Artists/Serena/ VCL gallery
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Animetorrents/ Anime download group
http://it.groups.yahoo.com/group/italiafurryart/ Italian furry art group

e-mail: serena@art-serena.com

Samples of Serena's Artwork - more on her site!
Gloria sketch by Serena
Gloria - character study - NEW!

Ashley Furcadia by Serena
Ashley - Furcadia Character - sketch for a commission - NEW!

Diana Fox - a character by Studio Mirai


Fan Art - This is Spiral, an X-men foe... ©Marvel Entertainment group -

Fan Art - Blink, from the comic "Exiles" ©Marvel Entertainment group

Fan Art - Nocturne, from the comic "Exiles" - ©Marvel Entertainment group

Miserlou, a Furcadia friend. I did this sketch that I choose not to clean up...

Curvia, and Xhyra, Furcadia characters ^-^ Pencil And photoshop colouring

Curvia, a Furcadia friend of mine =) Pencil And photoshop colouring

Curvia Furcadia Pesonal Portraits - This is a portrait test, to see if the colours switched well. The pic has been reduced to avoid portrait stealing - Pencil, photoshop tracing in bitmap, furcadia FSH editor to colour it with the right palette.

Marweniel the Dark Elf - pencil and photoshop - the rest of the elves are on my site

Elven Princess- pencil and photoshop - 1 of 5 elves series. On my site

Ponyette - pencil and photoshop, for my friend Hairia

Fae - Furcadia character

Gloril - Vixine character - pencil and photoshop - partial nudity!

Cabrita - Furcadia character

Spider woman - pencil sketch - partial nudity!


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